What is Novokid?

Novokid is innovative, revolutionary and easy treatment that effectively eliminates and prevents lice and eggs. Novokid treatment is based on innovative and patented technology that uses 100% natural and plant ingredients. The product is pesticide, silicon and alcohol free. 

How to use Novokid?

Novokid is designed to be remarkably easy to use, the procedure is convenient for applying for parents and at the same time harmless to children.

The treatment should be performed in dry and well-ventilated room and the hair should be loose and completely dry, free of cream, gel and any other hair accessories. 

You just place properly the Novokid cap on the child’s head, connect the capsule onto the cap and tube and switch on the device. 

After the 10 min treatment just wash the cap with soap and water and dry it with towel.

What's the difference?

  1. Novokid is scientifically proven.

  2. Novokid is 100% based on natural and plant ingredients. 

  3. Novokid is pesticide and silicon free. 

  4. Novokid is with completely new formula that effectively eliminates and prevents lice and eggs. 

  5. No need to shampoo or wash the hair after treatment with Novokid.











Download user manual in english (PDF)