Captures early signs of infection

iThermonitor™ provides notification signals so that the parent or pediatrician can intervene before the patient's serious deterioration.


iThermonitor transmits data via Bluetooth and is compatible with all available smart devices on the market.


Continuous data transmission

Continuous data exchange, alarm (signal) at temperature rise above a certain limit, display of temperature for a certain period through diagrams and integration with electronic medical records.



Non-invasive method for measuring body temperature

Suitable for everyone without the need to change everyday habits.

How does it work?

Axial positioning

iThermonitor™ is carried in the armpit area and uses environmental compensation technology (compensates for ambient temperature) to accurately measure the internal temperature. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth every four seconds.

Temperature in real time

Wireless adapters can be placed on any patient monitor without disturbing ongoing workflows or requiring significant changes in hardware infrastructure.

Precocious -> Post-operatively

With a precision comparable to invasive methods, iThermonitor™ can be used throughout the preoperative process, eliminating the need for a standard method of measurement and presence of a medical practitioner, complex positioning of samples and lack of temperature data. Additionally, the patient can take the device home to monitor the onset of infections after surgery and to report temperature data in outpatient settings and without medical supervision.

Download user manual in english (PDF)