What is iFertracker?

iFertracker constantly monitors body temperature at night to determine the true basal body temperature that is known to occur before waking up. Monitoring basal temperature is one way of calculating the exact day of ovulation.

Ovulation in women causes an increase in basal body temperature from about 0.25 to 0.5 ° C. The tendency that occurs in women is a lower temperature before ovulation and higher values ​​after ovulation. This pattern is called a biphasic pattern that can be tracked by compiling a chart and to be used as information on when a woman can become pregnant.


Thanks to iFertracker, women can monitor, in a comfortable and easy way, their basal temperature and their ovulation respectively, so they do not need to comply with all the inconveniences and conventions of the standard method.


How does it work?

The device is attached to the armpit area with a patch before bedtime. In the morning, the information gathered from the device is synchronized via Bluetooth with a mobile application that presents cumulatively the data through easy-to-read graphs and provides accurate predictions for both fertile and ovulation days.

The device captures subtle changes in temperature, allowing a very clear representation in a chart of all phases of the cycle such as: menstruation, follicular and luteal phase, fertile window and ovulation.


You no longer have to worry, if you wake up, you get up at night, you are spinning in the bed just to be able to accurately measure your temperature. Bedtime at night does not change the end results, as is the case with the standard measurement method with a conventional thermometer. The patch keeps the device tight against your body. You can sleep without worrying that measured basal body temperature scores will not be accurate.

What's the difference?

  1. Clear and easy-to-read chart showing fertility

  2. Forecast for fertile period

  3. Continuous temperature monitoring


The device is clinically tested.


Attempts to conceive

The device has been able to help many couples in their attempts at conception who have used methods known to date and have not been effective.


●Natural family planning


iFertracker is applicable to both the natural and the symptomatic therapies for family planning.



●Monitoring the hormones during pregnancy



You can continue using iFertracker after you become pregnant. It helps you monitor the body's body temperature levels as a result of hormonal changes during pregnancy.


●Returning to full fertility after birth

You can use iFertracker to monitor your hormones after pregnancy and find out when your normal ovulation cycles have recovered from a pre-birth state.

Download user manual in english (PDF)